Monday, April 14, 2008

Boy Stuff

Thanks for hearing me out on the previous post. Yes I know I did not have comments open and yes it was because I did not want anyone to fix me or give me their solution. I will get to my own solution - or I won't - either way I figure it is my thing to work out. Thankfully the emails that were sent were kind and no one labeled me a heretic. Which is nice.

Things are rolling along here, the mission is running well - things are fairly mellow. We heard no new bad news out of the bigger cities today. If something happened, we are oblivious. Troy said he saw a lot of evidence of the looting and such from last week when he was at church on Sunday, but other than that it was a calm Port au Prince visit yesterday.

We had a good day today. I don't think Noah lied or touched the cat or poured soap down drains.

The day started with an email from Britt to Isaac. Ike printed it and put it on his bed. The pride over receiving email was quite something. It was maybe too much pride because Noah was then jealous and whining about wanting to get email. Isaac wrote back to her. I thought you might enjoy what he said to her. She asked him what she could send him. Here it is typed word for word:

Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2008 06:09:00 -0700 (PDT)
From: Troy/Tara Livesay
Subject: Re: For Isaac Antoine
To: "Britt" <>
HI Britty!!!!
We love you and we are doing good and we love you and we miss you and we cannot wait to see you and we pray for you every time and we love you so much. Can't wait to see you again cause you are nice and loving and just a big sister to me.

Mom says it is 35 sleeps or something close. I just ask the Lord to help you and try your best and never give up. We all love you.

If you want to send me something from America Texas you could send me bubble gum or ordinary gum.



Later on when Noah got his email he wondered where the gum was. He thought the gum would come along with the email right through the screen or something. So. Terribly. Simple. That one is.

Isaac seems to be back on a wave of noticing skin color again. On Saturday he was saying something about making teams for a game and that Lydie and Noah should be on the same team since they are both white. I asked him why and he said, "UH. They both came from your tummy." I meant, why must they be on the same team just based on skin color, he thought I meant why are they white. At least he finally gets that piece of it.

Jen has a dark complexion and Isaac really wonders about her. He can't quite categorize her. But it does not stop him from trying.

A while back the girls told Troy he needed a FaceBook page. He told them he did not, that he was too old. They asked if they could give him one anyway. For the longest time under Activities it said "Being an awesome Dad" and under Interests it said "Being an Awesom-er Dad" -- in the section about what music he liked it said- "whatever my kids tell me is cool." Troy claimed he would never "do" the FaceBook thing. Just today I walked by him and saw that he is up to like 55 "friends" and has even changed some of the stuff the girls had on his profile.

Apppppaaaarreently Troy is not so old all of a sudden. The whole idea of the friends thing is the exact reason I cannot participate. Like, if you only have ten friends that means you are unworthy, a big loser - or something? And, what if you have 100 friends but you technically cannot even say what they like or believe or really know anything about them. Does that mean you've made it? I'll stick to email and blogs ... the popularity pressures of FaceBook are far too great for my wimpy little ego. I do know that Troy ASKED Tess to be his friend. She lives with us and they were not even friends. I think he is just looking for numbers now. Show off.