Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Food Prices

Link to an informative MSNBC article about food prices here. This gives a better information about the big picture/longer term effects of the current economy.

Some basic examples of the increases that have been noticed here-

1 bag of rice (50kg) 1200gds ($31.37us) 2000gds ($52.28us)

1 bag or beans (50kg)2000gds ($52.28us) 3000gds ($78.43us)

1 bottle of cook oil 175gds ($4.57us) 300gds ($7.84us)

1gallon of gas 175gds ($4.57us) 230gds ($6.00us)

1 can of powder milk 1000gds ($26.14us) 1800gds ($47.05us)

We know of nothing better to do than pray. Troy was in town today and got in and out with no trouble at all. We're hearing about the trouble.Our friends who live in Port all tell us that they are well and monitoring things closely. We're all asking God for peace and provision and safety and an answer for hungry Haitian families. Praying.