Thursday, April 10, 2008

Kid Stuff

Annie Grace

Hope & Isaac

This morning at 6am we heard Noah out of bed. He was out on the porch feeding the cat some dog food. The cat he is not supposed to touch. 6am is a record-early timeout.

In good kid news... For months (six to be exact) I have been getting up with Lydie two or three times a night. I knew that she was basically running the show but it was just a matter of needing to be willing to let her cry through it a few nights. I finally did that and she slept from 8pm until 5:30 today. I don't even know what to do with that much uninterrupted sleep. I might jog to St. Marc today with my extra energy. The other thing I was attempting to do with Lydie was to convince her to take a bottle. Troy and I had high hopes of getting away alone for a couple of nights next weekend. On the third day of fighting it, Lydie won that battle and I have already given up on it. She acted like a bottle of formula was poisonous venom -- there were a couple days of high drama and fasting on her part, then I broke down in a heap of my own drama and told Troy she will have to be our side-kick for any romantic getaway. Lydie wins. Romance loses.
We've decided that Lydie has now taken Phoebe's title of "most photographed baby ever" away. The goal is to catch one of her not looking startled. No luck yet.