Friday, April 04, 2008

Lydia Beth @ 6 months

Lydie B celebrates one-half-year of crazy, busy, wild and exciting life today.

She is 15lbs 15 ounces and almost 26" long.

Greatest Accomplishments: Doubling her birthweight - Traveling to Nevada, Texas, Minnesota, Florida, and Haiti - Smiling - Rolling over - Kicking the butt of Meningitis

Hoping to improve on: Sleep habits, pooping of pants frequently habit, drooling on pretty outfit habit, always looking startled in photos habit

When asked what all she hopes to accomplish in the second half of her first year, Lydie said that other than improving on the aforementioned things, she plans to learn to sit, cut a few teeth, learn to crawl and possibly, if time and energy allow for it- write a book, say her first word and walk.

For now she is simply basking in the sweet glory of her past success.

Big brother Isaac is Lydie's number one fan. They posed for these photos a bit ago.