Tuesday, February 14, 2012

february 14 greetings

It reads:
"Happy Valentine's Day Lydia you are the best little white sister i ever had and you sweat and beautifull."

'Sweat' probably means sweet - but in truth Lydia does sweat a lot more than your average little girl. (Cursed genetics!) She cannot be the best little sister. (Phoebe!) She is clearly the best (only) little white sister.

This card was crafted in a very hurried fashion, compliments of Hope Livesay. Other people got hastily written cards indicating what made them the best too.

Our house is FAR too chaotic for romantic candle lit rice and bean dinners. We didn't get the time to grab treats for our kiddos. Getting flowers of any quality would require a TON of time in traffic. Most of the greeting cards in our area are in French, a language we don't speak or read. Even Haiti itself proved to be too chaotic to pull off a simple plan of baking sugar cookies in the shape of hearts with the little girls yesterday. All that to say, Troy and I woke up and exchanged verbal Valentine greetings. Since neither of us are morning people the greetings lacked in wordiness and romantic prose.

None of that matters because when we choose to focus on the God of love and the love in our house RATHER THAN the insane circumstances swirling around us  - it makes every day feel like a day to celebrate. 

wishing love for all people of all varieties and colors,
happy valentine's day!