Thursday, February 09, 2012

Listen up Grandma and Grandpa

Becky wrote to say she'd be willing to do a pre-school/Kindergarten trial run with Phoebe and Lydia for a few weeks until baby Burton appears on the scene. Specifically she was offering to do Thursday because Thursday is a complicated day of juggling a lot of schedules.

We've learned the hard way that the two busiest days of the week when Troy and I are both gone a long time - can equal destruction in our home AND discord in our marriage.  For example, last Thursday the girls hand washed their clean clothes in the bathroom sink and experimented with baby powder and bug spray. Their experiment yielded many results, all being carefully charted and graphed by the mad scientists. Mainly it taught us that mixed together, those two items are not that fun to clean up.

It could be kindly stated that Geronne is fairly 'laid back' in her child-watching style and if Phoebe and Lydia are not fighting, she figures they are being good.

That's an uber nice idea; except it is not true. 

I called Troy yesterday to discuss the amazing offer that Becky had made. As I was telling him about it from the back of the car came the voice of Lydia emphatically stating, "Yeah, I'm not going to pre-school. I am staying with you."

Today we have ONE BRAND NEW STUDENT going to school for the first time EV-AH!  She is both willing and excited. (Video was made for G & G x2 last night.)

We also have one single-minded and stubborn four year old that is going to be deferring pre-school entry until such a time that it better suits her needs and desires.