Tuesday, February 14, 2012

' V' is for Valentine and IV

Today's haps in speedy-report bullet format:
  • Up early - receive gifts from Joanna in MN for Valentine's Day - very fun surprise
  • Send kids to school earlier because they missed Monday due to chaos and illness
  • Leave for Maternity Center for planned IV class taught by Dr. Jen and Melissa
  • Act as patient for Beth to practice IVs 
  • Practice placing IV on Beth, Jen, and Troy - triple fun (What truer love than this, that a man should lay down his vein for his wife)
  • Pose for dorky thumbs up photos and celebrate successful IV placement
  • Tuesday - Early Childhood Development Class with many curveballs thrown in ... the curve balls and unexpected stuff is three posts that won't ever make it to print - Carol had a scare that required quick action - Etrenne had her baby Monday and things didn't go as we hoped but it is such a long story I cannot go there for the sake of her privacy - Faphane (15 - new at Harbor House) is struggling a bit (emotionally and physically) - Olina's baby is losing weight .... 
  • Come home and make heart shaped cookies with little girls - feel that the making of those cookies MUST happen - represents having some control over  being able to make a plan and execute a plan - feel victorious upon successful baking session
  • Kids get home from school
  • Frost cookies with Hope and Phoebe (while Isaac gives dogs baths and Lydie cheers) 
  • Make dinner, eat dinner 
  • Homework, baths, bedtime routine, etc, etc.  (Troy says he "doesn't want to see Lydia's toys in our room anymore", Lydia says, "Okay. Can you close your eyes?) 
  • Jen, Troy, Tara, Isaac work on Peanut and Hazelnut (our Mastiffs) - give meds and dig around to determine if a wound is serious and if there are fleas  - wound not serious, yes there are fleas
  • 9:42p -  feel bad about not answering emails  -  but not bad enough to stay awake very much longer
Some words I read on the interweb that I give a boisterous, even obnoxious "AMEN" to tonight -

"Neither your worth nor someone else's love can be measured by something bought today (or any day). That is the ultimate lie of consumer culture and an offense to the true nature of love. Feeling entitled is not just a poor substitute for feeling love, it actually keeps you from feeling love - and from feeling loved. More than making you look bratty, it robs you of the joy hidden in this discovery: your life itself is both the proof you are loved and the currency of your love. Be grateful you received that gift, and be glad to give it away."
- Thad Norvell)