Tuesday, February 28, 2012

March Due Dates

EDIT/UPDATE on 3/5/2012 -  Still left to deliver in March - Becky, Chrislene, Vitana!

The list of ladies due this coming month if you'd be willing to pray for them ...

Due early March
will be her fourth baby, history of babies dying, history of preeclampsia
26 years old
31 years old, first baby, due first half of March

 Due March 7 - First Baby
Serving Heartline Ministries as a teacher w/her husband Jimmy

3rd child ( first two are both living)
Due March 14 
28 years old
Husband is very sick, Jeannise is caring for him as well

Due March 30
Baby's 19 y.o. dad died of a heart-condition in January
17 years old
(Daughter of Lucy, a 52 year old that had a baby in our program in 2011)

Has one child,
Pregnant with twins! (boys)
Due in mid April, assumed they will come early
26 years old 
due to position of the babies we won't be able to deliver, we plan to do postpartum care

(nickname Baby)
very recently joined program, lives in a tent w/her Mom
Age 20, first baby
Due March 31

Full list of ladies in the program is located on the top tab called 'prayers for pregos'.  Thank-you for your prayers for these courageous women!