Friday, February 03, 2012

no longer hosting P. falciparum

The Malaria in the areas of Tabarre,  Santo, and the greater NE quadrant of P-au-P was expertly managed by tropical disease specialists Jen Halverson and Tara Livesay.  

(No longer open for business, not taking new customers.)

One of us has extensive and specific medical school training and one of us has a certificate in the school of hard-knock-haiti-life.

It is debatable which education produced a more vast knowledge of malaria, but one thing is clear ... Only one of us has massive student loans to pay off.

All of this training prepares us to identify Malaria at fifty paces.  In our free time this weekend we're planning to write a report and analysis of the genome sequence of the human malaria parasite P. falciparum  - and once we're done with that we'll probably invent a vaccination just for fun. 

In the end our friends the Salvants, Geronne, Paige, Troy, Lydia, Jimmy and Becky all took a knee to the dreaded Plasmodium Falciparum parasite.  The experts of the house were left unscathed and available to help the weak. 

Thanks to the mad skillz of Dr. Jen and I (self appreciation alert) none of these "hosts" were too welcoming for very long. We caught most of the cases before the high fevers took hold. Lydia won the great fever contest of January 2012 with a 104.8 temperature about two hours after first showing symptoms.  

Scratch that.

Isaac found a faulty thermometer - for the win! 

Once all the Malaria was treated and conquered Phoebe decided she needed a little bit of attention.  Tuesday morning as I was about to leave for Women's Program I decided to check on her and make sure her "cold" hadn't caused a fever.  She was napping in my bed.  I went over to her and noticed flaring nostrils and a heaving chest.  

I don't ever want to be the garden-variety spazzy parent but something told me I should ask the good Doctor about what I saw.  Jen looked at her and confirmed we had a real problem on our hands.   The next 24 hours brought little sleep as we gave Phoebe breathing treatments, placed her on oxygen occasionally and steroids, and watched her O2 levels drop into the low eighties at times.  It seems that she has mostly kicked the virus that attacked her lungs at this point. We're very grateful.  We're also very done with drama. 

light reading for our favorite five year old, and yes, the treadmill doubles as a child's bed
Since Wednesday as my children have individually come to me with new ailments,  I look at them and say, "SERIOUSLY?!?"  This is the response of a truly loving and concerned mother.  

So far Isaac's "neck ache", Hope's "cannot sleep" and Noah's "warm and sweaty back" have not required rushing them down to Jennifer. As it turns out, wrestling causes "warm and sweaty back" and upon googling that ailment we learned that no medical intervention is required. 

After women's program today we're taking a few of these newly healthy children to get their teeth cleaned ... after that we're hoping and praying for a drama and illness-free weekend.

In other news:

  • Faphane (15 years old) moved into the Harbor House yesterday. Her baby is due in April. A full HH update is coming soon.
  • ALL 12 January babies are doing well. All the Mamas were at Early Childhood Development class on Tuesday. What a blessing and answer to prayer to see everyone doing okay. Your prayers matter to these ladies! 
  • Marvena took her 7th child home yesterday afternoon after spending a night in the postpartum "wing".  (It is two beds in a newly remodeled room but when you call it a wing it sounds pretty darn impressive, does it not?) 
  • There are 16 women not pictured in the 'Prayers for Pregos' post. We got photos yesterday and the new ladies will be added soon if you're willing to pray for them please check that tab at the top of the blog.
  • A friend of Haiti was shot last Thursday (while at a bank in PAP) and passed away yesterday. Please pray for the friends and family of "Big Dave" as they mourn the loss of a great and loving man. Pray that the increased incidents of armed robbery will end and that the perpetrators will be stopped in their tracks and transformed.