Wednesday, February 01, 2012

A girl for Marvena

Marvena gave birth to a baby girl just before 1pm today.  Today was the 8th time in her life she'd given birth.

Marvena is 40 years old and lost her first child when she was very young. Her second child was born to her when she was 18. As of this afternoon she has seven living children ranging in age from 21 (born in March 1990) down to her newborn daughter.

As a mom of seven that is less than one year older than me, I couldn't help but notice that we both had  babies within a month or two of one another on three different occasions.  We both have almost 22 year olds, we both have 17 year olds, we both have almost 8 year olds.

Marvena delivered without any drama today. She kind of waved her hand occasionally when the pain was intense, but she didn't bother much with screaming or even raising her voice.  There is no need for noise when you're such an old pro.

I thought about all of the things we have in common in contrast to all of the things we don't.

I cannot easily comprehend what it is like for her raising seven children with limited access to things that I consider so basic. Whether she's trying to provide food and shelter, or find a Doctor for a sick child, I know her ability to do those things is immeasurably more challenging than what I can imagine from my place of privilege and material blessing.

I'm praying God provides food, water, shelter, healthcare, and a solid circle of love and support for Marvena as she returns to her humble home to care for her family.

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