Tuesday, April 24, 2012

death to the fun wrecker

car ride to color run
Do the words "Color Run" mean anything at all to you?

The Color Run (google it) is a 5K run where no time is kept and not much actual running happens. Along the course powdered paint colors fly in the air and the runners get covered in multiple colors. All the participants seem to  show up to have fun, not to compete.  (Gah!)

When I first heard of the color run I thought, "Well, that sounds ridiculous."  Troy joined my sentiment when he said, "That's not a thing."

As it turns out, we were right and wrong.

It is a little bit ridiculous.

It is a thing.

Sarah D., a friend of ours, is an incredibly talented and artsy person.  The color run is pretty much the greatest thing her mind can conceive of outside of Heaven (although at one point during the run right as I was thinking "I'm going to die in this yellow cloud of paint smoke" I heard her excited proclamation "this is what Heaven will be like!!!").

When we gave Sarah the dates for the college trip, she asked us all to do the Color Run with her. She signed us all up and covered our entrance fees. Everyone agreed. In my heart I was  -   how shall we say? - 'unenthusiastic'.

When I arrived to LA and saw the crazy costumes that color-loving artistic and fun Sarah hoped we would wear, I had to fight with the fun-wrecker deep within and coach myself not to be the jerky stick-in-the-mud that won't participate. I marveled at the enthusiasm of the other participants and shriveled in shame as I watched as Jen Halverson willingly agreed to put on a pink tutu.

The thing is, I love Sarah.  She is one of the most giving people I've ever met. When she is in Haiti she thrills and wows my children with her magical art skills and genuine interest in every piece of art they create and every word they say.  Sarah is love.  Whenever she visits Heartline everyone feels that love. I speak for all of us when I say, Sarah blesses us.

CR4D - Color Run 4 Dornbos

Sarah O, Paige, Jen, Fun-wrecker-no-more, Sarah D.

trying hard not to be entertained

wha? so maybe there was fun being had

I knew I needed to kill the fun wrecker and do this silly color-filled non-competitive and just for fun event because Sarah is love.

Having done this, I can tell you that your children would LOVE this race event.  It is coming to a lot of cities this year if you want to be the most awesome parents ever, here is your chance.

Thankfully I have these good friends to teach me to lighten up and to help me smother the up-tight hater of frivolity deep within once and for all! 

In Haiti the smoke clouds are considerably less colorful.  This non-toxic colorful smoke seems to be the way to go.