Friday, April 27, 2012

reason 573 to love Haiti ....

...As if we needed another

Photo courtesy of @HaitiTravelGuy

Two ladies in labor right now - (please pray) Roberta is being transported now because she is a bit too early.

There are tons of updates today - Some of which I missed sharing when they happened, and some of which took place while I was gone ...

  • The $5,900 for the Bakery equipment for John McHoul's 59th Birthday was all raised!  Thank you to all who gave! 
  • We're also happy to report that in the midst of protests and trouble our friends at Maxima were able to get the bakery building constructed early this week. (Photos below) More info on the Dutch company that built the bakery-house will be coming soon.
  • We will keep you posted as the men's program begins to take shape. So far we're thrilled with the outlook and praying for God to bring the men that will most benefit and grow from being offered this sort of opportunity.
  • The rainy season is upon us in Haiti. The roads are a mess, the mosquitoes are insanely thick and vicious, everything is muddy and gross.  The four bug racquets we got in the USA are in strategic locations throughout the house and we are taking these nasty disease carrying fools down! Game on.
  • Babies born 4/2 - Faphane had a girl, named her Roberta. 4/10- Loudia had a girl via c-section 4/15 - Guerda had a girl AND Nadege had a girl later that same day 4/21 - Andrelie had a boy ten minutes after arriving.  
  • The twins (Vitana) are doing well and continue to gain weight.
  • Sewing school women will graduate in about a month.  They are working hard to reach the requirements and pass the class. 
  • One of the things many of you prayed about after reading this post has become much more clear and we're finally working with a diagnosis to a health situation. We're hopeful that it will further resolve in the coming weeks and months. Thanks for praying.
  • Troy has been dealing with the Harbor House for a long time without very much help from me. He needs more time to spend there then the average Haiti day will allow. We're praying about that program and thinking it is time to make some changes there. We're learning that some of our goals are ridiculous or culturally inappropriate. We admit that some of what we hoped could happen isn't realistic. Please PLEASE pray for the Harbor House teen moms and for clear direction and growth and change in that program. (Names of the seven women currently there are: Sergeline, Joanne, Fedline, Alloune, Leoni, Mirlene, Faphane) Much more on this later. 
  • Jimmy and Becky and Livesay kids have TEN school days left after today - that will wrap up an awesome 2011-2012 school year. The Burtons will head to TX for the summer.  There is some anxiety about how we'll keep everyone sane all summer long, your brilliant suggestions (that will work in Haiti) are welcome.
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