Monday, April 23, 2012

the things we've handed down II

It was early in the morning. We had our passports and boarding passes in hand. We stood in line waiting to place our items into plastic bins and remove our belts and shoes in order to gain approval and passage by the good people of the transportation and security administration.

There is something about that line and the people barking out orders in a tone that says "you're a moron" that sets a person on edge.

I stood nearby as the woman working our line asked Paige, "Are all of your cosmetics and liquids pulled out of your purse?"

"Yep." Paige flatly replied.  I raised my eyebrow.  I knew her purse was filled with cosmetics and that she had not removed them. Paige smirked. We proceeded to put the rest of our loose items into bins and push them toward the scanner.

Once through the line we gathered our shoes and loose items and put things back in their place.  I could sense Paige gloating.  "You really showed them, didn't you?!?" I said.

"Yeah I did! See. They say you have to have your liquids and makeup out but then they cannot even tell that you didn't listen to them. I won."

Oh Paige.

A chip off the old block, that one.

Isn't that an interesting little peek at our souls?

The things we are advised to do, ultimately for our own good, are the things we rebel against.  I do this most days of my life in some form or another. I rebel against things that would be good for me, trying to prove just how much I don't need those things.  Only one problem.  It doesn't work for long. I need to talk to God.  I'd be better off buried in His word more often.  Unfortunately I walk around self-sufficient and thinking, "See. The suggestions are dumb. I don't do rules. They're not for me. I'll win, I can do it my way."

That works well -- right up until it doesn't. 

I know Paige comes by this rebellious spirit quite honestly (and I'm sorry). I'll add it to the list of the things we've handed down.  I'm traveling all over the place with my ornery traveling partner this week and enjoying her entertaining (yet flawed) logic again.

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