Thursday, December 20, 2012

Looking Back: Year End Statistics

The end of the year - here we are already. We've compiled and counted and reviewed the year that was. 

We do not place an abundance of importance on statistics. If statistics are the forest, we are always aware of each individual tree. As a team, we are too involved in relationships to worry a lot about the numbers.  

Working with the women we quickly learn that one healthy pregnancy carried to term, one victorious labor and delivery, one healthy single baby born to one mother that overcame immeasurable obstacles is what truly matters. The young woman courageously delivering her healthy baby far outweighs the preponderance of any statistic.

At the Maternity Center each woman is known by name. Statistics never know a name. Without a doubt a community has developed.  It is safe to say that staff, midwives, and pregnant women alike all look forward to program days.

Having said that - we recognize that those that give to keep this program operating and pray continually for these women and for the staff might like to see how the numbers look.

In June, a few mid-year stats were posted HERE.

  • 88 women ended their time in the prenatal program in the calendar year 2012
  • 6 of the 88 withdrew early from the prenatal program due to various reasons (risked out early, quit, or moved away)
  • 82 of the 88 stayed until delivery/end of pregnancy
  • 90% of the 82 continued on in the 6 month early childhood development program after they delivered
  • 84 babies born in total (two sets of twins: 82 moms delivered 84 babies)
  • 77 babies lived - 7 babies died 
  • 3 babies died (IUFD) and were born deceased (one delivered by us - two delivered elsewhere)
  • 4 babies died after birth due to prematurity (none delivered with us - all transfered to local hospital)
  • 16 of 82 women were transported to other hospitals due to complications or perceived risk 
  • 10 of those 16 ended up having a cesarean section - (a very low cesarean rate when considering the  health challenges this population faces)
  • 82 moms lived - 0% maternal death - This is a statistic we are thrilled to share
The  troubles:
  • Our biggest enemy is pre-eclampsia - number one transport reason
  • Number two transport reason was premature labor
Breaking it down:
  • 44 boys
  • 33 girls
  • 50% of the women were having their first baby
  • The oldest mother that delivered this year was 45
  • The youngest mother that delivered this year was 15

Fun & random stats:
  • First baby of the year born 1/1 ~ last baby of the year born 12/29
  • March was the month for girls
  • November was the month for boys
  • 12 babies were born in one month on two occasions in January and in September
  • June was the slowest month, only 2 babies born
  • Three babies born in just over a 12 hour period was a new record set in November
  • Three babies were born on the same calendar date twice in the year 2012 - all six of those babies were boys. 
  • We estimate that more than 35 friends of Heartline Ministries have donated blood to MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières) for high-risk deliveries. We know that this blood has saved lives in 2012. To learn about giving blood when you visit Haiti - read this post with options and guidelines written by Dr. Jen Halverson
  • There was one VBAC in 2012
  • Heartline delivered one expat baby in 2012
  • 1,500+ Depo Provera birth control shots given - this program is growing rapidly - we're currently averaging 35 injections every Friday
  • 52 Friday Bible Study/Devotions Presented
  • 52  Friday Birth-Control Education Classes Presented
  • 52 Thursday Prenatal Classes
  • 51 Tuesday Early Childhood Development Classes
  • The women eat a meal each day they come for class - Upwards of 4,000 nutritious meals were served in 2012
More Still:
  • After every consultation the midwife that has seen the woman takes a moment to pray with her before she leaves for the day
  • Every mother that delivers is seen for a postpartum visit at 1 week, 3 weeks, and 6 weeks postpartum - approximately 249 post partum visits completed
  • Every new baby is given a gift bag with basic supplies and clothing, these gifts are possible due to your generous donations
  • Sick babies are seen for the first six months of their lives. An estimated 400 individual visits to see/treat for minor and major illness took place - Once women graduate from early childhood development class they are asked and advised to use a local Pediatrician
  • Most women are driven home after post partum care - we did not keep stats on this but we estimate that 65 women received transportation to their home after their babies were born.  To read more about the blessing of that experience, see this post
  • One life-threatening and intense transport was done due to a post partum hemorrhage, that was the most memorable day of 2012 for all involved
  •  By U.S. standards all but a few of the women served would have been labeled "high risk". We do risk some women out. Our numbers reflect the fact that we cannot typically accept women that have had previous C/S or very extreme blood pressure issues
  • Hundreds of you let us know you were praying for a specific woman as she was pregnant and during labor and delivery - that mattered
  • MANY thanks to every visiting midwife and nurse midwife - but especially those that stayed for a few weeks to cover while the full-time staff traveled.  Cookie Ireland, Shelly Downing, Betsy Robinett, Jennifer Germain, Sarah Obermeyer - we are so grateful for your help and wisdom and gifts and training
  • Thanks to Sarah Dornbos and Jen Halverson for keeping us organized and stocked with supplies
  • We are so grateful ... Especially to each and every person that supports the Heartline Maternity Center with your financial gifts and your prayers - God shows up and does God-sized things every week, it is an honor to be a small part of His work
A picture is worth 1000 statistics:

These numbers are being published ten days early, we may still have a baby or two before the calendar turns over to 2013. 

Please share the work happening at Heartline in Port au Prince with your friends, neighbors, pastors, and small groups.

To pray for women in the program by name - GO HERE.

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That's the year in a nutshell. We've been protected, provided for, surprised, challenged, and blessed!

Grateful for your support,

Beth, Agathe, Winifred, Cherline & Tara

Heartline Maternity Center