Tuesday, December 11, 2012

So.This is Christmas:

From our family, to yours ... 

We're grateful for the cyber-relationships we've built and the odd and sweet little community of encouragement and friendship we've found here.  Thank you for being that for us.  We wish you a blessed Advent season, a very Merry Christmas (without any fear) and a Happy New Year.   

T&T & Tribe

~     ~     ~     ~

Production notes and factoids from the 6th annual extravaganza:

  • This year's edition (this song) brought to you by John Lennon, Yoko Ono, and Troy Livesay. 
  • Lennon unknowingly and posthumously added a Jesus-y verse to this well-known holiday song.  He thought when he named the song "Happy Xmas" that he might take the Christ out of Christmas - but  nuh-uh, Troy Livesay put Him right back in. Bam.
  • Apologies to Yoko if that's not cool. (Please don't sue us.)
  • This is the first year five kids sang together.
  • Snow in Port au Prince is almost unheard of, the timing of the filming was really quite providential.  
  • This is the first year we learned some of our kids inherited Tara's musical ability. Ahem. 
  • Wondering how Santa took off the weight and stays so trim? It's Zumba and a quasi PALEO diet -  alternating with Rice and Beans and large quantities of the popular Haitian orange soda 'Couronne'. 
  • Lydia as an angel? Her most challenging role yet.
  • The main filming day the humidity was 70%, the mosquitoes were ferocious, and the audience at our filming location was stunned and left speechless by the oddness of what they were seeing. Apparently this isn't something they see everyday.
  • Lest you think this is all joy and Christmas spirit, see photos for proof of some struggles during the production process.  It seems Dad got 'crady'.

 I love you Dad. I have a question, why are you most crabby at me?
Dad love you read the back please from Noah

 I kind of don't like singing

  • 2012 Christmas Extravaganza - that's a wrap.