Monday, December 17, 2012

South Padre Island, TX ~ Give this Christmas Away

Heartline Ministries is in the process of raising funds to expand the Prenatal/Maternity Care program.
The event that we've previously shared with you about (see video below) is set to begin in three weeks. That event's purpose is to bring attention and awareness to the dire maternal-health situation in Haiti and to raise funds for Heartline to be able to continue addressing this need at a larger capacity.  We are grateful to be working with pregnant and new mothers in our area and are anxious to be able to increase the numbers in the future. 

Last night $6,600 was raised by friends in South Padre Island, TX. They put on a "co-event" with the intention of giving the proceeds from their event to Heartline's Maternity Center fund.  Their Christmas concert was a huge success and the money they raised will be used toward Heartline's expansion. We're grateful!

This from the organizer of the event:
"Our theme song was 'Give this Christmas Away'. If there's love in your heart, don't let it stay there. Give this Christmas away and you will be grateful you did. It is a way to say to those with much less, "You're not forgotten.."  It's doing what love does even when no one is watching you.  For God so loved the world that he Gave us all His Son , so we could be His hands, His feet... His LOVE!"

Please consider joining these creative Texans by putting on your own "co-event" of any sort. Many people are running races in the coming months, but running is just one way you can help raise funds and awareness.

On behalf of all of us at Heartline Ministries, we are grateful for your generosity and love.

~     ~     ~     ~

If you're new to Heartline Ministries and the work happening in Haiti, from a post earlier this year:

Prior to my own scare delivering Noah in 2004 I can honestly say I never once considered that all over the world women die giving birth due to a lack of very simple things, a lack of healthcare workers and midwives.  I did not consider that not so far away is a tiny little country that boasts the highest maternal mortality rate in the western hemisphere.

I'm tempted to share dozens of other mind-boggling statistics. It really is pretty crazy to see how dangerous womanhood and childbirth is in some of the world's poorest countries.  Sharing them would be my way of trying to convince you it is dire, trying to make it important to you, but I'm not going to do that.

Statistics are numbers meant to prove a point.  For me, the bigger point is this: Behind those statistics are human beings. They are just like you. They are just like me. They are mothers that love their family. They want a stable life. They want to feel healthy. They want to live.

The fact is, I'd rather tell you the miraculous story of one tenacious woman and how her life was spared. I'd rather tell you about the hundreds of courageous mothers and babies that are thriving. I'd rather tell you about the ways God is showing up and providing for these women.