Tuesday, October 09, 2007

For Dad/Grandpa

My dad missed out on Lydia's arrival. We are all missing him a lot. I am posting one quick story for him that I know he'll like. Dad, today when Troy was down in St.Paul at the Doctor, he and Noah drove through that construction area in the 35E and 694 area. All of a sudden Noah says "Hey Dad, there's grandpa there's grandpa!" Troy was totally confused and said "What Noah? WHERE is Grandpa?" Noah said, "You said he was in the crane --- there he is!" :) I had no idea the kid EVER listened to anything we say ... I guess he proved me wrong.

Phoebe cut a tooth today. Her first one. It is on TOP ... I have never seen that before. Is that weird? We finally weighed her, she is 23 pounds of thighs. Her new nickname is "The Fridge." We're aiming for her to be an NFL linebacker someday.

And, yes we know we need to destroy the blog so she never sees how much fun we had at the expense of her thighs.