Thursday, October 11, 2007

Marcia Erickson is a Saint

The photo shoot is over. No one is dead. That is what we call SUCCESS in these here parts. Marcia took tons of photos. We're just starting to go through a few hundred of them to see if we can find one where Noah is not picking his nose or Phoebe is not trying to get away.

If there are none like that, well then, these two photos are by far my favorites ... and we'll just go with this ... These were the first few taken just to figure out coloring and if we would want to go out in the sunlight.

(Thank You so much Marcia!!!!! We love you! And if I were guessing, I bet you said "Phoebe" 568 times in one hour, you probably need to find a way to take a nap now.)

Choice One - Noah picking nose, Britt looking annoyed, Mom looking distraught, Phoebe on the move.

Choice Two - Phoebe's butt