Monday, October 08, 2007

Home & Behind the Name

We're home- (or at the home that is not at all our home but has become our home for a few weeks)
Lydia and I are home. She is totally unaffected. I am overwhelmed. We stayed at the hospital one extra night and left earlier today. Lydia left the hospital at 6lb 14 oz today. It is a good thing that Troy is around a bit to help, or I may have left the hospital, gone straight to the bus station, boarded a Greyhound and headed somewhere calmer/quieter.
It is still not out of the question.

Behind the name-
Lydia was an early Christian in the Bible, as was Phoebe. Since the two sisters are so close in age we stuck with the "early Christian" theme we had going. You had no idea there was a theme? Now you know! Lydia means "beauty." We're biased but we think she is living up to that. We're praying she grows up to be a true beauty on the inside too.

Beth means "house of God" or "worshiper." I like the meaning, but more than that I love the Beth that Lydia Beth is named after. If you have not had the pleasure of meeting Beth McHoul, missionary to Haiti for 18 years, I hope you will get the chance someday.

We're guessing we need a good week or two or eight, before we have any teensy-tiny clue about how to balance things. Until then the blog may go silent for days at a time. We'll be busy with physical recovery, figuring out how to 'do' 7, and starting on the project of finding a renter (cleaning out our house and yard) and helping Britt figure out her college plans. Troy has a big trip to Michigan coming up soon too.

We SO appreciate all you've done for us and are blessed to have such a caring circle of friends, family and on-line acquaintances.

With Love,
T-T-B-P-I-H-N-P-L, and the dumb dog too