Tuesday, October 02, 2007

On the Mend & Weight Pool for 7!

Late Edit - clue for weight pool- (This prize is the prize that gives and gives, the duplicate guesses will all win!)

I just wanted to thank you all for caring for us and praying for us these past few days. I don't even know how to thank you, to say that we're blessed is an understatement. But, I should still say it: We are blessed!

Jean was buried yesterday. The family was able to use money that Troy/Lifeline had left for Peter to take him to the Doctor to buy him a coffin. We don't think there was a funeral.

I am home with the kids. We're just waiting for a few more test results and then it sounds like they will kick Troy loose yet this afternoon. The whole scene there was very much like and episode of House M.D. -- he was very popular with the residents who all wanted to try and figure him and his weird health history out.

In the time I was there yesterday six of the residents came through to ask questions and figure out if he was wrestling goats, catching rats bare-handed, or messing with dangerous livestock .. or what in the heck caused his illness. They all want to be the one to ask the right question that yeilds the elusive answer. He said he feels tired and a bit achy today but WAY WAY better then the last few days, and the vomiting and nausea are totally done now. Praise the Lord for that!

My OB was nervous about Troy being there on Thursday but it sounds like the Docs down at Regions Hospital are putting together information for my Doctor to reassure him that as long as Troy does not decide to spit in my incision or something that it will be okay for him to be there.

We're doing all our last minute cleaning and getting ready. I am washing all the bedding and doing things I don't like to do so that we are done with some of those things for the first few days that 7! is home. We get to come home from the hospital on Sunday. Troy is planning to bring the laptop and get a photo and the stats posted sometime on Thursday afternoon.

We are being blessed by Auntie Tina and Uncle Matt and Grandma Porter and Marcia and Tess and Greg Erickson and Lisa and Declan -- between this crew of helpers the little kids are covered and cared for over the long weekend. Troy is free to either rest or be with me and I don't have a care in the world. :) Britt and Paige are going to be with us on Thursday but then back and forth to their own swimming and school and social events. It is all coming together. Thanks again for your prayers. :)

My Dad got to have his birthday dinner last night. Lucky him, he got to pay for all of our meals too. That is the kind of birthday celebration we enjoy attending. ;-) Dad leaves for the Ukraine tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon. He is leading a team working with Global Action that will work at a camp that serves orphans. Dad was able to be part of the purchase of the land and the building of the camp on past trips. This is his sixth trip there, he is an old pro --- but the OLD part is the part that makes the travel and the trip a bit challenging. We are praying for you Dad! To see more about the Global Action program in the Ukraine, go to www.hopecenterukraine.com

In the comments section of THIS post we are holding a gambling contest of sorts ... missionary style gambling, even Baptists can play. Enter your name (by choosing "other" you can type in your name if you don't have a google account.) Then enter your guess on the birth weight of 7!.

Whoever is closest wins the prize. The prize is a week at *your* house with the all the kids and Peanut. You're about to be so lucky!!!!! ;-) For your assistance in guessing the weight -- here are some facts- I have gained 34 pounds as of today. The baby is actually 38.5 weeks right now. I would tell you what the other kids weighed, but that makes it too easy. Good Luck!