Monday, October 22, 2007


Everyone is starting to get over their nasty colds. We're VERY tired of the snot and coughing. I especially enjoyed stocking up on every variety of cough medicine only to come home and turn on the news report that said, "Children's Cough Medicine being pulled from store shelves, proven not to help children under 6." I still say it works. And I happen to own a lot of it.

Troy has a Barry White voice, alternating with NO voice. It is very sexy.

We have nothing much to report today. Troy and Phoebe got in early this morning from Michigan. They went right to bed and are still sleeping. Thank you to all of you who helped him with Phoebe, welcomed them both, and showed them such amazing hospitality. He said he thought he had been properly exposed to a Dutch community now. He thought he had seen as many windmills as he could see when visiting my relatives; but that was proven to be untrue. He might change our last name to VanderLivesay just to fit in better next time. He was also really happy to meet a lot of spouses of many of the people we've met in Haiti. All spouses received high marks from him. :-)