Thursday, March 06, 2008

Culture Things

We continue to learn new things about the habits, practices, and beliefs of our neighbors. Many months ago we learned that if you are car-sick, many people believe that getting out of the car and licking the tire will help relieve your stomach upset. Lots of people think it is true; all have heard of this theory. We've never tried it. Something tells me that the tires that have gone through nasty water and mud *might* not be a place you want to put your tongue.

If you bring a flashlight to Haiti, be sure to keep it pointed at the ground. Many here believe that if someone shines a flashlight in your face at night that it will cause you to become very sick, and possibly die. Doing that on accident to the wrong person could cause you a lot of trouble.

The other night Peter brought his family up to introduce them to Tess, Jen and I. His baby girl was born two weeks before Lydia. He was telling Jen that she had a cold and was congested and that he keeps telling his wife to use her mouth to suck the milk out of the baby's nose to help her breathe. He said, "We don't have one of those plungers so I just tell my wife - use your mouth - it is only breastmilk anyway - that came from you! But she won't do it so I have to do it!" Then he said "Have you heard of that?" We were all trying to be nice, but we informed him that actually his baby's nose has mucus in it ... not necessarily milk - and that we would get him a bulb-nose-sucker thing. He was adamant that his way was the best way of getting the job done.

This news story was interesting. Troy says he will do it for $500. If they provide my trip to WA I will do it for less. The hotel room sounds lovely - sign us both up for an anniversary Malaria trip later this year.