Friday, March 28, 2008


This post was a good one I thought ... passing it along to you.

(It reminds me that a story from yesterday is worth sharing.)

Yesterday, I was on the receiving end of the (seed) provision of which Sherri speaks.

I (tara) am in the USA for a few days taking care of some business. While here it made sense to do Lydie B's immunizations and a Meningitis follow-up. Jen sent me with a full report to hand to the Pediatrician. I brought Lydia to a Doctor appointment yesterday. It was with a new Doctor, one we don't know.

The Doctor asked a few questions about the Meningitis and Lyd's development, checked Lydie out and asked what we do in Haiti. Mentally, right now, I am not all that excited or pumped about any of it. I could have given her a ton of information or tried to "sell" her on it all. But, that is not what I did yesterday. I gave a short answer, without much gusto and told her in about 10 words what we do.

She finished checking Lydie out, said goodbye, and said the nurse would be in with immunizations in a few minutes.

When the nurse came in to give the shots she said, "Dr. M. asked me to give this to you." She handed me a $100 check.

I have never met that Doctor. She knows nothing about me or my work ethic. I gave her an unenthusiastic answer to her question.

Oftentimes we feel like we have to put on our best face, give the best "pitch" - or be perfect in order to receive His provision. Wrong and wrong.

For me it was a picture of God's care for us. It was a reminder that while I am not in a spot where I am 100% pumped up about much of anything --- and even though I am working through some big questions -- He still loves me and He will still provide for us in unusual ways and without my enthusiasm or understanding. He does not need me to get things done. He provides in spite of me. It was a kiss from God on a day that I needed to be reminded that He is with me, even in my confused places of wrestling, wondering and waiting.

Have a great weekend. May God meet you where you are too.