Sunday, March 09, 2008

Weird all around

We've always thought one of our children is so very unique that it borders on down-right weird. Do you instantly know to which one I am referring?
Oftentimes kids raised in other cultures end up being kind of odd -- we've had the "I hope our kids are not freaks" conversation before. But in the case of Isaac, you cannot really blame the two cultures he lives between - he is just one naturally spazzy dude.

He has been full of "wonderful" things lately. His reactions are always over the top excited and generally entertaining. I agree that it is time for another video like this one, but uploading speeds will not allow for video right now.

(Photo of Dinosaur & Transformer show Isaac created for the oh-so-interested Lydia last month.)

Earlier this week he said, "Mama Mama!!!! (urgent request voice) WHAT are those sticks that people put in their mouths that have smoke coming out of them called????" I answered, "Cigarettes?" To which he said, "ooooh yeaaaaah" and then bounced away. He walks with a spring in his step like no other.
He said to Tess, "SO Tess, Annie came out of *MY* birf mothers tummy aaaaannnd Phoebe came out of Hope's birf mothers tummy -- right???" Tess affirmed that he was correct, and he said, "Oh cool - THAT IS A PATTERN!" (As if that is something to be excited about.)

He really cannot imagine a world where every single person he ever meets does not find him handsome, beautiful and wonderful. Why wouldn't they?
Paige pulled her own brand of weird last night. Troy asked her to get the word on the street about something (yes, word of mouth is the way things travel here - and yes, Paige is our agent for getting this done).
Paige said, "No problem, there is a party tonight - I will do it tonight." I asked who was having a party.
She said, "Me. I am having a water filtering party." She was totally serious and thought I should probably understand such an odd statement. *Like duuuh* WHO doesn't know what a waterfiltering party is Mom!?!?
Troy said, "Yes, she must be, because Tipap said to me earlier - in English - "Party - water."
You'll have to ask Paige how a water filtering party works. Maybe it is along the same lines as a Tupperware or candle party --- she is the hostess and she earns free prizes off of each bottle of water filtered or something along those lines. I do give her credit for coming up with something to do in a place where there are few options for a teenage girl. God love her for trying!
We're cornering the weird market around here.
Sticking with the weird theme, we're off to John McHoul's 55th Birthday party in a bit. Last year Noah and John celebrated together, so we're doing that again. I have an excellent and highly coveted gift of Diet Coke wrapped and ready to go.
Have a great Sunday.