Monday, March 31, 2008

High Tech World

Technology + teamwork = odd behavior from Britt/Troy/Tara on Monday night

Snow stranded Lydie and Paige and I in America today. We will attempt to return home to Haiti on Tuesday instead.

Snow + March 31= very sad for all Minnesotans.

Britt was attempting to do her own air travel from Florida back to Texas.

Britt was late getting out of Florida. She got to DFW and wanted to know what gate to be at for her connection to Waco. Britt calls Troy on Voice over IP phone in Haiti. Bad Connection. Britt texts Troy. Says, "What gate?" Troy has slow Internet connection and cannot get AA website to come up. Troy uses Instant Message option to ask me in Minnesota to go to AA site and check Britt's gate. I find gate quickly and IM Troy back. Troy picks up cell phone, makes international call to tell Britt to head to B39.

Technology employed-

VOIP - Text - Instant Message - International Cell Call

Had Britt called me - one domestic phone call.

But, apparently she missed Troy and wanted his help. Pffff.