Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Thinking About ...

Things that are really good:

  • Tess is staying in Haiti an extra week ... 8 more days of sanity -Hurray!!
  • Troy's Mongolian beef that he made for dinner tonight
  • The two kittens that we have are killing ANPIL mice
  • The weather the last few days (breezy and no humidity)
  • Troy gets to go on a Cap Haitian adventure tomorrow (and is bringing a camera)
  • Tess and Jen are back to blogging
  • LOST and our ability to watch it each week together
  • The fact that I am successfully soaking in and enjoying babyhood with Lydie
  • Phoebe's growing ability to talk and sign (today she signed please - then said POP) (Yes it is bad she wants pop, but let us enjoy the victory of a new word)
  • Having someone who loves chocolate and desert as much as me to justify baking brownies multiple times a week - thanks Tess!

Things that are not very good: (opposition swinging on hinges or something like that)

  • The renter for the MN house - fell through :(
  • The Subur-den needs someone to love her and buy her too
  • The way Jen just freaked out that Peanut had a mouse - but it turned out to be a pacifier
  • Sharing the deserts Tess makes with Hope who always seems to know - even when we hide them or claim there are vegetables underneath the chocolate
  • Missing American Idol and this season of Dancing with the Stars
  • The thief with the pretty tennis shoes was never found