Saturday, December 27, 2008

Babies avek Puppies

Late Edit - MK Dance Party on a Sat. night.

(Song going out to the Radar Men)

The easiest things to blog about are happy fun things. Like these two little girls.

So lets do that.

We've been without any helpers since Wednesday. With great fear and trepidation we watched Paige, Jeronne and Tipap all leave us. But ... it has been good.

Troy and I are pretty much walking around singing, "We are the champions".

But only because - we ARE.

It is six little kids, two puppies, one giant dog vs. two somewhat capable & patient adults until Monday -- We are totally handing these kids/dogs their butts!

(oh, okay ... I mean - we are totally wiping a lot of butts - and cleaning up a lot of puppy poop.)
Our zone defense is nothing short of amazing.

We will - we will - rock you. (Maybe even to sleep.)