Monday, December 08, 2008

The Hipsters

The Vibey Iveys are here for the night before they head out to see their kids in Cazale. Troy coined their nickname "Vibey" Ivey ... because even though they are just a few years younger than us, they are incredibly hip. In their presence we become dull and uncool. Aaron is sickly but we're still having fun. We met these guys when they brought a team down last May. We thoroughly enjoy them!
I was home hanging with kids today when there was a loud knock at the gate. (In Haiti many people suround their homes with cement walls and have giant metal gates.) I went out to find a young guy with six cans of evaporated milk asking me if I wanted to buy them. I told him I did not really need evaporated milk right now, so he showed me where he lives if I ever do.

We have lived in this neighborhood for almost 4 months, I don't know why today was the day to sell me canned milk, but at least I know where to go when the need arises. :)