Saturday, December 06, 2008

In lieu of words (photos)

At QCS today ...
Today was the Christmas Bazaar at school. We have been hearing about it multiple times each day for a number of weeks. Isaac and Hope kicked it up a notch this week by verbally assaulting and abusing us all week - breaking us down slowly, Guantanamo Bay style. They tried to deprive us of sleep and food ... awful, I tell you. It was clear that someone at school had put them in a dark room and brainwashed them. They were fully indoctrinated Christmas Bazaar Cult Members and we *were* going whether we wanted to or not.
Noah, not being a full cult member - because he does not go to school yet - kept calling it the Christmas PA - Jawr.

Of course, no one corrected him.

Prior to today, I had no idea one of those giant blow-up jumping things could be found in this country. It was very well done. Noah totally lost his mind and freaked out when I took a bite of his hot-dog. Then he kept crying and crying ... because his hot dog did not come with rice and beans. I almost pulled out a Merrilism. (My Grandpa was Merrill.) I was thinking of going with, "I'll give you something to cry about" - But I thought better of it and just gave him my rice and beans. Crisis averted. Lydie did pretty well at the Pa-jawr. She rode around in the back carrier observing the action and grinding food into my hair. A good time was had by all.
A real post with things of substance might come soon...
peace until then,