Friday, December 05, 2008


This is the illegitimate love child of Brittany and Christopher. Four weeks till the wedding; the news cannot stay shrouded under the cover of lies and deceit any longer. The truth shall set us free. Yes, it's true. We are grandparents.

As it turns out, John and Beth McHoul are giving Britt & Chris a dog for their wedding gift. It might seem cruel, but for some insane reason B and C approved and even requested said gift. You might think long-time missionaries like the McHouls would not condone this type of thing, but you'd be wrong.

Below, you see Zoe at the vet today getting her eight week shots. She will go back to the vet a day before we travel to Florida (for the wedding) to get papers and Veterinarian approval to get into the USA. Not exactly like having the Embassy issue an adoption visa ... much less painful.

I am making that odd face because the vet is almost totally humorless and Beth absolutely won't let up on the guy. She fires questions off faster than he can answer them and generally annoys him. My look was one of concern... for her life.
Zoe is Florida bound January 1 and Texas bound come January 8 ... and by that time her parents will have made things legal. Phew! Zoe is a Mastiff. (like Peanut) At 8 weeks she weighed 17 pounds. She will likely end up about a 130+ pound dog. She currently lives with her Mom and brother over at Sheila's house. She moves in with us on December 17. Good Luck to the parents ... we hope they know what they're in for. ;)