Monday, December 01, 2008

Back to Work

We had a great weekend. Our kids are passing around some kind of bug - but overall we're good and getting better. Troy is off working on learning the adoption process and trailing John today. I am working on some Women's Program files and trying to be organized for Tuesday and Thursday's classes with the ladies.

Britt and Chris are reporting a safe trip down to Thanksgiving in Southern TX and back up to school. Their wedding is less than five weeks away now. They're feeling the pressure of getting a lot done. We're praying for them and getting anxious to see them soon. Chris's Mom has been handling tons of the wedding planning details, we're grateful to her for that!

It is all kind of surreal - but we are super excited for this important day. Our initial response to the news of the wedding was worry and concern, but we're seeing such maturity and great growth-things in both Britt and Chris that we're not being spazzy parents anymore. (Eating our words and worries - so to speak.) :) Chris got a good job recently and they'll continue to go to school full time ... all good things. They are loved and will do well.

Some of you have seen this funny photo. This is what an electrical panel looks like in your average Haitian home with electricity/EDH (most don't have it at all). It is like a new mystery to solve each and every day. :) Troy loves it.