Tuesday, December 30, 2008

BE GONE 2008!!!

I won't go into boring long drawn out details about the ailments, the who and the what, or any of the current drama - I will just humbly ask for prayers for our family to be healthy and ready to travel to the wedding of our oldest daughter by "go time" later this week. We need a miraculous healing to come over the home. Like soon. Four are currently not well.

Today Troy and I were driving home from a lab appointment with Lydie and we were both tired and emotional and started reviewing the year. Between kids, houses, Haiti, deadly illness, letting go, changing missions, letting go some more ... we realized there is a reason we're looking forward to a NEW year. Let it be known that 2008 will not be missed by either Troy or Tara. We say good riddance to bad rubbish. It was a year of change, challenge, and letting go. I would not care to live it over again.

2009 will kick the backside of 2008. Mark my word.

We are super busy the next few days and then we jet off to give away the bride. To close out this year we would like to ask each of you to describe YOUR 2008 in five words or less.

Our short description is - "Change, challenge, letting go." So we did it in four words.

Anyone who wraps up 2008 with a five word or less description will be entered into a drawing
for Troy's Haiti photo book, Rocks in the Sun. We'll draw a winner on January 4th. If you don't want the book - we will have Hope draw you a picture.

This video below was produced by the famous one, Luke Renner. The Renner Family is Haiti bound in 2009. He did this as a favor for us when we needed a tool to speak in churches in 2007. We love the front half of it where he draws attention to the beauty of Haiti. We want to continue to see beauty and feel hopeful.

We wish you all a very Happy New Year ... may *He* be your provision, your peace, your protector and friend. May you grow in the deep, wide, amazing truth of His love for you.

See you next year!

Livesays Out