Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fun Weekend sans Babies

At the hotel/pool ... a beautiful spot
Basin Bleu Trip-
After the hike, climbing down to get to the swimming and jumping spot...
The Mangine Family got us there and showed us the ropes - literally.
Paige chillin at the waterfall -
Erin and Geoff Jumpers ...

Blurry Family Pic (of kids # two through five) ...
Troy and Noah watching Paige & Tara climb higher ... Troy made smart remarks about "there goes 35 thousand dollars" and "somebody has to raise these kids".
Thankfully, no injuries and he does not have to go it alone.
Letting the Haitian kid tell us how it is done ... listening carefully -
Talking it over, getting up the nerve ... then mid-air (thanks Gwenn!)
I like this one because it reminds me of Land of the Lost ... we look super-imposed into a shadow box just like that show. If you don't know Land of the Lost then you are not 36 to 42 years old and you missed the glory of pre-technology television. And I am sorry for you.
The air conditioning was superb. The view was awesome. Basin Bleu is our favorite place ever. We slept and played really hard. It was SO fun. Thanks to Jess and Jeronne for taking care of the little ones so we could live it up this weekend. (Click on photos to enlarge.)