Sunday, August 09, 2009

You people rock.

Our weekend was fun. Megan came to stay with us Saturday and Sunday. Troy spoke at church and I thought he did a nice job ... but I am fairly biased.

After church Beth had a birthday party for me. She made a great big, delicious meal for us. Annie and Lydie took a stab at finishing the rest of the birthday cake without any boundaries or rules. I would have said "No girls" as they climed onto the table with forks in hand - but Beth claims she makes the rules for my kids at her house ... so I knew not to bother with protesting :) - they went to bed hyper and happy and more convinced than ever that Beth is the bomb.

Our entire household left to go to the party together ... before hand we had a little draft party. Each person over 13 got to pick a kid (or two) to be in charge of over at the McHouls house. I drafted Noah and he pretty much laid around watching a DVD so that rocked. Troy picked Lydie ... not such a great pick. She was covered in dirt and dog-snag by the time we headed back home. I think Paige and Megan were happy with their picks.

Super-Viv (Vivien) has her work cut out for her. Whoa.does.she.ever. Isaac worked on some tests this weekend ... below you'll find just three of his fabulous answers. We were not allowed to coach at all so he was on his own. My mother likes the idea of him picking her flowers ... I just want to see how nice she is when he shows up by her bedside at 4:30am to deliver them.He is so wonderfully silly and happy and encouraging and sweet ... I am glad the sky in his world is always cloud free. I know Super-Viv will help keep it that way --- while also teaching him a few things. :)

He told me a few months ago that "girls do dishes" -- I marched straight to Troy to get him to work on changing Isaac's paradigm - and fast. Since then I have held a few sweeping and toilet bowl cleaning lessons just for the boys in the house. I guess his answer above is if a boy is doing the dishes. ;) "Sensible" is such a relative term. And yes, his "circles" say something about him as well. He is one of a kind!

We have a rare week ahead without any guests in town so we really hope to finally get a lot of things we have been pushing back crossed off of our list. In addition to the regular schedules (or whatever it is that goes on week to week) we're also getting Viv's room ready, we're doing DNA testing on one of the girls for adoption purposes, we need to get the girls to the Doctor for more shots, we're going to go pick up the chairs for Beth out near our old stomping grounds, we'll visit Gran and Sophie again while we are out there, and I think we might be having a missionary tattoo artist paying us a visit on Wednesday. Don't quote Leviticus ... it is too late - we already shaved our beards off too!

This week has 32 miles on the training schedule. I am feeling ready for it. A few of you asked about the plan and goal for the next 8 weeks until race day. I said I would not adjust the goal amount on the Chip-In meter again, and I won't. Clearly this has nothing to do with my number anyway. This is God's show and like you, I am just excited to see where He takes it. To date with mailed in donations we're sitting right around 33K. That is $1,260 per mile run. You people rock.