Monday, August 10, 2009

Pray for Zach

Tomorrow Zach is leaving for 8 weeks in the USA. He is doing some fund-raising and speaking and organizing. The trips to the USA tend to make you feel a little crazy ... and quite frankly, it is hard to live in two worlds. Troy and Zach have become good friends over the years, they talk most days. We notice when he is gone. :(

Please, if you would, pray for Zach while he travels. Pray for his daughters Licia and Lori and their husbands and children. The ministry they do astounds us and we want to lift them up in any way possible as they continue to deal with life and death (And for the record, THEY are the ones truly administering the WWV Mamba program, the real work happens with them, their staff, and the kids they serve in Cazale.)

Our plan is to continue to fund Licia's Mamba program for the next year or more and to open two or three new locations (new partners) that are seeing and treating kids with severe malnutrition with the money being raised now.

Also, a year ago Lori (one of Zach's two daughters) lost her house during the hurricane. I believe that it is so important for everyone living in an intense environment to have a respite, a place to get a break. Lori and her husband Charles need to have a new house. (She would correct me and say it is a want -- but *I* am saying NEED.) They need to have a way to leave ministry at the end of the day. It is healthy. I know all I do lately is ask you for money... I am not so much asking you for money as I am asking you to get creative. Check out Lori's site and story here. Think about it. Maybe there is something you can do to help her rebuild. Maybe you'll get a nudge to give. She has served in Haiti for more than a decade, losing her house to a hurricane and water is a bump in the road ... she has faced many difficult things and overcome ... I think there might be people out there willing to help her rebuild.

(Photo from church yesterday.)