Thursday, August 20, 2009

Jacmel or Bust

Today lots of things went right. It was unusual and wonderful.

  • Troy picked up a large order of Medika Mamba without a glich.
  • Troy signed some papers without trouble.
  • Barb came to reclaim a truck we have had in our driveway this summer. It started and left in one piece.
  • I went to pre-natal program and there were no major new dramas.
  • The EDH was on for a really long time.
  • The kids cooperated (even helped) with packing for our weekend trip.
  • The pool Troy is indifferent about got even bluer and cleaner looking.
  • There were zero car accidents.
  • Paige had a good riding lesson.
  • Lydie does not have any visible heat rash tonight.
  • We had noodles and rice and beans for dinner and our guest seemed to be totally cool with the carb-load. She even thought pouring sauce from a jar straight onto the noodles was/is the right way to do it.
The only negatives which are quite minimal-
  • Ringworm on my chest.
  • "Feels like" tomorrow at 6am for long run Friday - will be 91. Wet clothing and ringworm. Yummy. Anybody need a hug?

The fun plan-
  • We are going to Jacmel to stay at a beautiful spot for the weekend. (Air conditioning is rumored.) It is our "end of summer - school kick-off extravaganza" - we figure if you name your trip --- that makes it seem like an even bigger deal. Isaac and Hope and Noah are excited to swim in a pool that their Dad did not try to ruin. Our friends Megan and Erin will be joining us. Jess M. has graciously agreed to stay at our house with the two and under crowd.
Happy Weekend from sweatyland.