Friday, October 16, 2009

Bulletpoints from the week that was

  • Purging thoughts and struggles in blog posts.
  • Settling back into a routine of sorts.
  • Having hope.
  • Babies being born at Heartline. The fourth one was born yesterday.
  • Paige as a "doula".
  • Encouragement provided to Paige from sweet new friends.
  • God's grace.
  • The adoption finally moved forward. One step is all it takes to call it "progress".
  • EDH schedule that gives city power NINETEEN out of 24 hours. :)
  • Spending almost nothing on diesel for the generator.
  • Having friends here and having friends there. And knowing distance cannot break our bond.
  • Taking prophylactic Chloroquine until the rain lets up, and knowing that fevers don't mean Malaria.
  • Knowing Britt and Chris are coming to visit in a couple of months.
  • The steak in the freezer from Minnesota that is fun to look at a few times a day.
  • The planning of a weekend getaway for our Anniversary in November.
  • Being ready to run 12 miles before the sun is even up.
  • A forgiving and mellow husband.
  • More Medika Mamba graduates in Cazale. (Photos to come.)

  • Dropping Troy's laptop on the floor the other night. Opening it to find the screen does not work. Coming home to show him what I did.
  • Finding out it will cost about five Benjamins to fix it. Shipping it to America.
  • Mystery fevers for Lydie and Annie.
  • Storms that knock out the EDH.
  • Heavy rain (after rainy season is supposed to be dwindling) that leaves mud so thick that you cannot walk to Womens Program and cannot run without almost falling on your bum.
  • The humidity in PAP this week.
  • Trying to explain to Isaac why I was married to someone else before his Daddy. I have no idea how he figured it out, but boy - was that a conversation that rocked his world. Divorce is now a concept swimming in Isaac Livesay's mind. :(
  • When Phoebe walks away with a cell phone and you're forced to call it 25 times until you can track it down in the bottom of a deep toy box or trash can.
  • Losing Hope's math book and having to call Vivien to tell her that our parenting is off the charts unorganized this week.
  • Waking up because the neighbor next door is doing dishes at 4:30am - that is how close our bedroom is to her kitchen.
  • Realizing that something screwy happened to the clock in the night and it is not really 4:30, it is 3:30.
  • Slamming a cup of coffee before looking at the clocks and figuring out the inaccuracy, ruining the chance to climb back in bed.
  • Asking people to keep giving.
  • Coming back at you again - and so soon.
  • Go HERE please.