Monday, October 26, 2009

Two Things for Monday

  1. We just learned that Renald (go here and enter password Renald - or here to learn about him) is going to be reunited with his Mama tomorrow. She has not seen him in person since early June. We are praying that seeing the new Renald will be HUGE encouragement to her and that through Renald's healing, that more than anything, she will feel the love of God. Prayers for all involved are so very appreciated. It is a big day that we've prepared for as much as possible - and although goodbyes hurt terribly - we know it is what is required. Renald is well. Thank God for that! This little boy changed us, and we're so very blessed.
  2. I have been asking you for running sponsorship money since the end of May. You're probably a bit tired of it. (I am actually getting kind of tired of myself.) Here is the thing --- If you've got the ability to give - we need you! Large and small gifts are needed. If you're just not able to give or just not interested in our cause, we understand that - But, we're wondering if you'd kindly pass the word on to your friends and family and others who might be able to help. We have 11 weeks left to raise 58K... not too big or impossible - not at all! Our goal is to love and serve Haitian women. Your gift will help us do that better. Read more about it here: