Tuesday, October 13, 2009


We celebrated the baby of the family tonight, also known as "the grand finale" or "the closer". The video will not upload, so photos must suffice. This is mostly for her godmother and her grandparents who we wish could have been here. (Why weren't you here guys?!!!)

The last remaining one year old in this house is our niece, Annie. We hoped and prayed that she would be a proud American in MN to turn two, but we now know that won't happen. :( She'll have to settle for us on her birthday in late November.

Troy reports an extraordinary day in Port au Prince. He had TWO positive customer service experiences in ONE day. Two in one month is the previous record. A shocking turn of events no doubt.

The kids are back to school with Vivien and seem ready to get back in gear. She is working hard with them and they all seem to enjoy the set-up.

No time for more right now. Happy Tuesday.