Thursday, October 01, 2009

A Message From Haiti

We saw this on Viv's blog. Lydie, Phoebe and Annie are requesting we bring back the cool weather. The problem is, we cannot. ;) They don't have clothes for this MN weather. I think it is supposed to be about 55 on Sunday. BRRRR.

We are shocked at the buzz and the placement of the Star Trib article and just so humbled. Lots of gifts have come in today as a result of the article, which means more children helped. Stuff gets done when God gets involved.

Tonight we are celebrating my Dad's birthday and Isaac again too. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! I am very thankful to get to be with him this year. Tomorrow Tina and I are going to get our race packets and to a Chiropractor appointment. I will update the totals tomorrow night and do the book drawing too.

With gratitude,
T & T & Tribe