Tuesday, September 29, 2009

America Florida Miami - You Decide

Noah- "Isaac Isaac Isaac - we are in America!" (at landing)
Isaac- "Uh, no actually we are in Florida, Miami."

Isaac- "I cannot wait to see all the beautiful things in America."

Pilot- "We are on our way into Miami, landing in 10 minutes."
Noah- "Can we call it MY-ami instead?"

When we were in the air -
Noah- "This is where God lives."

Isaac, looking at a AA sign advertising Hawaii.
Isaac- "Mom, American Airlines goes to Hawaii too? How do they know where everything in the world is?!?"
Me- "I guess they have a lot of maps buddy."
Isaac- "Who in the world makes all those maps?"

Noah proclaimed loudly as we came into Miami- "I CAN SEE THE WHOLE CITY OF AMERICA!!!"

We're laughing not stop at our silly boys. In all of 2008 and up until today, 2009, Isaac was in the USA about eight days total. It shows. :)

In other excitement Troy used this proverb (spoke it in Kreyol) in line when Haitians were fighting over who was there and who was cutting in line - "We have been here since the little cucumber fought with the eggplant." (Kreyol translation not currently available in accurate form.) They laughed and asked him where he learned Kreyol? He said, Bondye (God) to which they wondered if God could help them learn English.

Earlier on the way up the escalator a husky Haitian woman was saved from falling backward down the steps by a shoulder in her butt forcing her to stay upright. She had no idea that you should not grab an affixed railing while on a moving escalator. Crisis averted, we could not stop laughing. Troy actually said, "Catch her Tara" when he saw what was happening first. John McHoul only comes to America to watch the escalator show. He missed one of the best ones I have ever seen.