Thursday, September 24, 2009


The traveling team is set. Lydie learned late last night that she is benched for this upcoming road trip. Her ornery strong-willed self just sort of soaked in the information without a lot of fanfare. We're expecting the fall-out tantrum soon. We have capable people in place that she can push to their limits.

Yes, it means that I am missing her birthday. And yes, I have significant sadness over that - BUT - she does not know it is her birthday ... and last year when we went to MN for the WWV banquet we missed Phoebe's second birthday. So it is fair now. ;) We wouldn't want anyone claiming we play favorites. There will be a party for her and Beth when we return ... and it will be big. :)

Five more sleeps to go until we head out of here ... and so much to do. We're enjoying having some adoptive parents in town this weekend. We plan to pack and finish up our work. We're even hoping to gather our thoughts and get Megan and Vivien and Jeronne all pepped up and prepped for the huge gift they are giving us by overseeing the benched group.

Remaining in Haiti:
Vivien-Megan-Jeronne - they are managing: Hope, Phoebe, Lydie, Renald, Annie

I am the freakiest freak of all freaks when it comes to leaving my kids. It always seems like an okay idea until about 48 hours before I need to go. There is no getting around the fact that I will cry, feel bad, have anxiety, and dread departure and the goodbyes. I am SO STINKING excited to go and run and see my family ... and I am SO STINKING sad about leaving my other kids. C'est la vie.