Wednesday, September 23, 2009

not without failures

I wrote this post on August 6th.

Each week (except for when she did not show up) since then I have met with the Mom and begged, pleaded, encouraged, asked nicely, asked meanly, and then begged some more for her to give J.P. the Medika Mamba each and every day.

I know she is not giving it to him. I do not know where it is going. He is failing. His health is poor and I see no improvement no matter what we say or do.

The choices get really difficult at this point. I feel frustrated, angry, and upset. I struggle to show her any love. These situations are the ones that discourage us the most. I don't know the remedy.

I am asking her to take him to Missionaries of Charity and leave him with them. I don't know how much longer his 10lb body can continue on without proper nutrition. If she is given the food but won't give it to him, I have no idea what the next alternative move should be. He turned one this month.

If the Mom won't do the work required to get the Mamba into him, I am hoping she will leave him with someone who will until he is stronger and ready to return to her.