Thursday, September 17, 2009

Deep Questions of Our Day

I have no idea why Troy's tweets are profane if you read them in Oregon. :)

This week a photojournalist from Minnesota has been with us in Haiti working hard on a story on Medika Mamba and has been gathering video footage and information. I asked her if we were the same in writing as in person and she said, "mostly the same". She also noticed that only about 10% of what happens in a day makes the blog.

Yesterday Troy was able to take her to RHFH where she could see the many kids benefiting from M.M. She will return to MN to begin working on putting her story together - she hopes telling the story might result in more help for Haiti's kids. Be praying for MK as she goes home and goes to work editing.
Today we had a busy but great day at Womens Program. We have two women that will likely deliver in the next ten days. If you want to be praying for them their names are Natasha and Judith.

Tomorrow the day will start with a 12 mile run - my running partner and best friend and cheerleader, Beth, will join me again. I hope that this distance will seem easy after last week's 20 - but I am struggling with fairly significant anemia (stupid timing for stupid Malaria) and some pains caused by last Friday's long-run. The chiropractor attempted to re-align everything for me yesterday. A great run would be a big boost, and that is what I am praying for. (I knew it would be like this - not complaining - natural runners maybe don't hurt so easily - I am not a natural.)

My handsome, encouraging, sweet, kind and loving son is turning EIGHT tomorrow. I cannot believe how fast time passes. I remember meeting this same smiling little baby in 2002 like it was yesterday. Isaac is a little bummed his Daddy had to miss this one so we will try to make everything into a big deal tomorrow to cover for that. We've promised a trip to pick out a fun gift once we get to the USA and a BIG party with family in just two weeks. Tomorrow we'll spring for ice-cream and maybe even Visa Lodge Pizza (if we have four hours to wait- that is).

(Nikki Petersen - we love you - Happy Birthday!)

Asked by Noah- "What do robots eat?" Followed up with the even better question, "Do robots poop?"

Asked by Isaac- "How many days is 12 days? - because 12 days is how long it is till we go.But how long is that?"

Asked by the gateman to our neighborhood - "Who are you?"
(Apparently when I am clean, not sweating, and dressed up, I am totally unrecognizable to him.)

Asked by Noah- "Do they have a Target in Michi-can Daddy?"
(Someone is using Troy's guilt to leverage a gift for himself.)

Inevitably when Troy leaves EDH craps out and new varieties of noises begin in the neighborhood after dark. I won't lie ... I cried dropping him off and saying goodbye. Noah was funny tonight, he told me, "I touched Daddy's face with this hand but then I forgot and I washed it off." HA. I am not quite *that* dramatic. But close.

We're on the countdown for his return ... wondering if he can manage to go on an airplane, to America, without picking up swine flu or meningitis or landing in a hospital. His record precedes him, you know!? We're bracing ourselves for all possibilities. ;)

I hope to update Medika Mamba fund totals tomorrow and if Troy hooks me up with the pictures, I also want to share more Mamba kids' before and after photos.