Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A few things ...

  • Troy is home. Toilets, refrigerators, children ... all happy.
  • We had to take the Twitter feed off the blog for now. We will work on re-posting it tonight. The f-bomb guy was showing up all over - no longer just an Oregon problem.
  • Troy brought golf balls home from MI. Phoebe is walking around saying "Wanna play soccer? Lydia get the soccer ball!" (Then she whips the golf ball for Lydie to chase.) Soccer / Golf - no big difference.
  • Troy just left to go to men's prayer group. Noah said "May the force be with you Daddy." He also said last night "My Daddy is home, now I have the perfectest family in the wold."
  • Renald is up to 23 pounds - exact same weight as Annie, trying to catch Lydie at 25.5lbs.
  • The M.Mamba total has grown about $250 since Sunday.
  • Busy day ahead, gotta jet.