Sunday, September 13, 2009

Huge MATCH Offer - 20 Day Countdown

Our phone rang in Haiti today. On the line were friends from Minnesota. They want to make the last three weeks count - and they hope it will be big.

$4,500 is the amount they WANT to match. For every dollar that comes in between tonight and October 3rd at midnight, up to that amount, it will be matched and become two dollars.

The first $300 just came in. $4200 left on the table to pick up by October 3.

I know that the chip in meter has gotten very confusing - with the mail donations and all the matches that are not showing on the meter, it is hard to tell what has come in and what the goal is - we will add an update to the bottom of each blog post with the total amount raised toward this final match offer. Ready, set, go ... spread the word please.

Match Update:
$300 of $4500 received