Saturday, September 19, 2009

Readers Choice - With a Key * + #

This is a post in which you will be able to choose to either:
A.) Be disgusted
B.) Be entertained
C.) Both
(Key at bottom of post - see it first.)
I document this as my way of purging it once and for all.+

Okay. I said on Thursday night that when Troy leaves things tend to go wrong. Call it dumb luck, call it the devil, call it what you may. I call it sucky.

Shortly after I published my semi-jokish post about things that can happen when he leaves I was finishing up some work at my desk when I heard gagging and puking sounds coming from my bed. Noah sleeps with me when Troy is gone and he had quickly come down with what we believe is Malaria and was puking and 104 degrees. I got no chuckles out of that one. I wrote to Dokte Jen and called Beth crying and attempted not to lose my marbles*.

Since then, this little man has been in my bed many hours and has been creating massive laundry. The poor guy.
(photo taken this morning - on his 14th straight hour of sleep)

With no man in the house, this is our current security situation at the gate # - Impressed? I know that a twist-tie makes me feel very secure.*
This is the way the toilet looked from Friday morning until about three hours ago when I conquered and successfully unplugged it + after no less than 2 hours of combined time working on it. I won't ever show a photo of anything that disgusting* and I won't tell you about the "plunger incident"*.


I put the plunger in the bathtub once I was done with it, I then saw a piece of (brownish) corn sitting in the bathtub. I began to wonder if anything grosser has ever occurred? <>

This is what has happened twice since Troy left the country:
Our 1115 pound living, breathing dog smells worse than most dead dogs. I cannot take it any longer. I gave her a bath a few hours ago. <> If it is not resolved after that bath ... well then ... she must go*. Who wants her?

There is more ... but I think I will stop there*.

Friday afternoon I really wanted to be with sick Noah and Birthday boy Isaac. But I had made a commitment that could not be broken so we went to visit a beautiful mothers who is about to have a home delivery and get ready for that big event. It took many hours and I missed my boys (and girls) the entire time. When I got home we tried to make it up to Isaac by making cake, brownies, and pizza.+ The pizza had sliced processed cheese on it. <>
The store was out of real Mozzarella#. It was very very not yummy. # Isaac was gracious and we just had cake for dinner. The cake was totally under-baked and soupy and Isaac was gracious again.+ The ice-cream was perfect and worth all $12.00+.

Meanwhile Noah is not getting better very fast - although his high fevers have stopped+. He is tired, having tummy problems (that equal clean-up by an adult) <> and feverish. I have been attempting to watch as many Looney Tunes cartoons as he is requesting that I watch. It has been so fun - Porky Pig is my fave*!

Jeronne had to leave this morning, in the middle of total chaos, because her daughter is also sick. :(

But ... I finally fixed that toilet+.
. <>

* a lie
+ a small victory
# my failure (or maybe Troy's)
<> gag

Message to my husband:
I love you Troy. I miss you. I am glad you are being given a chance to share your life experiences and your faith with old and new friends in Michigan. + This dumb luck / devil / total suck-age does not change that. I unplugged a toilet by myself.+ Not sure if I mentioned that part.* :) Oh, and Tipap came and fixed the refrigerator.+ And I won't really give Peanut away. But I will not save any ice-cream for you.+ Have fun and enjoy your hot showers while you can. Tout bagay dako la. (Everything is okay here.)