Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Troy and Paige are failing us. No reports being offered from them. :( I know today they are going a bunch of places and giving the group a chance to see lots of things. How is that for a detailed report?

Yesterday they visited a Compassion project in the morning and in the afternoon they got a ton of painting done upstairs at the Womens Center ... it looks so good up there.

The last thing they did was go to the open-market in Tabarre. Walking there and tap-tapping home provides a true cultural experience. Paige led them and spent a little bit of time torturing them by bringing them through the meat section. After walking through with all the flies and people and smells and heat --- she says something along the lines of, "so this is where your dinner comes from".

The kids have been enjoying their last week of summer. Isaac, Hope, Noah and Paige have been hanging with the team in the evenings and Isaac even performed a few HighSchool Musical II songs for them. :) Hope helped him save face by joining him on the second number.

That's it from here for now.

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