Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Speed Posting

  • First day of school was Monday. All kids LOVED it. Vivien is going to be great with them. They go over to the guest house for school. This gets them out of our house, away from the terrible-two-toddler-crew and makes it feel like a big event. :)
  • We moved upstairs for class at the Womens Center today. (Photo)
  • Renald calls Troy "Danny" - because when the other kids say "Daddy" he hears "Danny." It makes us giggle every time he says it. Troy now goes by - Choy, Troy, Danny, Daddy.
  • We have not yet fully licked the protozoan parasites of the genus plasmodium at our house. Ike is being treated now. That leaves Renald, Noah, Hope, Phoebe, Annie and Jeronne still standing. Five fell to the cursed mosquito. We all feel better, still just easily fatigued - which totally annoys us. There is no time for that nonsense.
  • Phoebe is modeling some fun adoption tees that a friend of mine sells. She'll be on a large poster strutting her stuff at a trade-show taking place state-side this weekend.
  • Lydia is maybe the hardest almost two year old I have ever known. I am kind of at wits end trying to figure out how to make her be less angry and tantrum-ish. Seven kids, a couple more extra kids - and I have never seen one like Lyd. The fact that Haitians deal with toddlers VERY differently than Americans is not making this any easier. When I am gone to run or go to Women's Program Lyd gets to act one way with her caregivers - then when I come home she has to play by my rules - it is really messing everything up right now. I hope we get it figured out soon. For her sake and mine.