Monday, September 28, 2009

Thank Yous

We're off to Minnesota tomorrow, I think we're mostly ready to head out, we have been feeling much better with a few residual "things" that we're praying will end in the next two minutes or so. Noah and Isaac could not be more excited. Paige and Troy and I are glad to be going but couldn't possibly match the excitement of the boys.

(Photo of Renald and Karis Howerton taken Friday. Renald LOVED her.)

T & T are looking forward to a few random things in no particular order...
  • sleeping without deet all over us
  • sleeping with covers/blankets
  • cuddling (or even just touching in bed)
  • Honeycrisp apples
  • family & friends
  • hot showers
  • campfires (someone - have one please!)
  • really good pizza (as opposed to the pizza here - which is not really good)
  • food choices galore
  • stress free driving
Britt and Chris get to MN on Thursday night. We're all very excited to see them. The first few days in MN are full of appointments and meetings, but I will update the Medika Mamba Marathon totals on Friday night from Minnesota. The race starts at 8am on Sunday. The countdown clock must be Greenwich Mean Time ... not Central Time - so I guess we should ignore it. :)

Troy plans to be the "tweet-master" during our entire trip and especially during the race. Jen and Tess have a plan that allows Troy and the kids to find us at five points along the marathon route -- that will be a huge encouragement, Isaac's giant grin is guaranteed to boost our spirits.

I feel crazy relief to have the training done. I did not count on all this stupid illness. The month of September might be my least favorite month ever. I hope to stay coherent and upright for all 26.2 miles - praying the factors that have been kicking my butt will be miraculously gone by Sunday.

God is good and has shown up over and over. I am very thankful to all of you who have prayed and encouraged and given gifts to support this cause. I had a sense way back in May that this was a "God thing" (certainly an idea not just my own) and the last four months that has been proven over and over again. I could easily burst into tears each time I think about how much so many have given. I wish I could thank each and every one of you face to face - I really do.

Not to take anything away from each person who has prayed and given, but I want to especially thank a few really important people:

To Beth:
Thank you Beth for being an terrific friend and always getting up at the butt-crack of dawn to run with me on Fridays. Your pep talks are the best ... you're the original Haiti marathoner. I love and admire you and you make working in this city about 200 times more fun than it would be alone. You are also the only reason I ever even got the courage to run in Port-au-Prince. Thank you for being so awesome and supportive and strong.

Thank you to Shannon Hoffman for running along with me in CA each week. A virtual running (and prayer) partner turned out to be a very fun and helpful thing.

Thank you to Angie from IN for being the number one stat lover, encourager, and internet backer. Angie bought shirts for race-day for Tina and I that say "Running for Haiti's hungry kids" on the back.

Thank you to Troy for all the extra poopy diapers he had to handle at 6am because I was trying to get out the door. Thank you for the pep-talks and the patience and the water you delivered and the love you showed. I love you so much honey.

Vivien has a housemate now. Megan Haug has moved to work with Heartline and is living with Vivien at the WWV Guesthouse. It is great to have them there to watch over things but also great for them to have each other. They are talented and fun girls to have around. Paige has loved having friends just a couple houses down. The blessing of these ladies is big to the Livesay family.

Thank you to any and all who are willing to pray for the peeps we leave behind in Haiti. Megan and Vivien are now parents to five little ones and also co-workers of four Haitians. We hope that they can do charades to communicate when Kreyol/English fails them. They are also in charge of two houses -- praying that EDH shows them love and that the kids are all healthy and perfectly well behaved while we're gone.
Vivien is planning to potty-train Phoebe and we are planning to give her anything she wants if she does. Hope actually seems excited to stay with the "big girls" and has shown no sign of sadness as we've been packing and getting ready.

We'll find you after we get to the USA.

With love and deep gratitude,
Troy and Tara and Tribe